Rooted In Spice

Welcome to Pataka (pa-ta-ka), where vibrant flavors ignite your palate and culinary fireworks light up your senses. Drawing inspiration from the exhilarating bursts of color and intensity, our menu captures the essence of a firework (Pataka!) display—bright, bold, and loud.

Pataka is for the hesitant novice as much as the adventurous veteran of Indian cuisine. We have embarked on an exciting journey to expand our brand and bring the magic of Pataka from New Haven to the heart of New York City. Chef Harry’s culinary expertise and passion for innovative flavors have elevated our menu to new heights. The move to NYC has allowed us to showcase his explosive creations in a larger and more diverse space. Order from Pataka in NYC, where every meal offers a customizable veggie-forward menu, we strive to present the authentic South Asian flavors we love as simply and accessible as possible.



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